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iCapture Premium

The iSolution family of software helps you keep pace with today’s rapidly changing digital technology. This exceptional software technology and leading image analysis tool will streamline image capture, measurement and enhancement, while improving the accuracy of your results.
All versions combine revolutionary measurement and analysis technology with an exceptional, user-friendly interface. Become an expert in image analysis and optimize your work environment with this imaging software suite.
  • i-Solution is a high-end image analysis application that offers easy integration into any workspace, an intuitive interface and groundbreaking image analysis technology
  • iSolution Auto-plus has advanced fluorescence image merge and intensity measurement functions with all features of iSolutionLite. It is a perfect solution for fluorescence microscope applications.
  • iSolution Lite is a streamlined image analysis application that offers a wide range of unique image capture, measurement and enhancement tools
  • iSolution Capture Premium is a streamlined version of the iSolution Lite for image acquisition and manual measurement.

Image Acquisition
  • i-Solution family of software is designed to receive images directly from various hardware sources. Keeping in tune with today’s rapidly changing digital camera technology, you can directly control digital cameras within the i-Solution software. IMT software also supports TWAIN and WDM Drivers along with a wide variety of frame grabbers and i-LINK from Sony. The Time Lapse Capture tool offers accurate time interval analysis for video production for both analog and digital cameras. Movie recordings can be saved in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV file formats. The time is also captured during recording.

Live Measurement and Overlay
  • Measuring and analyzing high volumes of images can take a long time. With live measurement you don’t need to capture images in order to perform measurements. This will allow you to measure, analyze, sort and manage image statistics all from a Live Preview window. In addition, you can import measured data, images, statistical tables and diagrams into MS Excel in real time.
  • You can perform these high-speed live measurements using both CCD and high resolution digital cameras. Crosshair generation and calibrated grid masks on the live preview window are also available.

Calibration (Auto, Manual)

  • All measurements start with an accurate calibration. Auto, Semi-Auto calibration functions allow the software to calculate the pixels per-unit value automatically. Simply set the units for the calibration scale and the minimum distance between the scale marks.
    This feature greatly improves the accuracy and repetition of measurements.
  • Manual calibrations are easily added and saved for recall from a drop down menu. All calibrations can be saved to a back-up file, which allow the calibration be retrieved by simply opening the saved files later. Calibrations can be password protected as well. Two password options, one in calibration menu itself and the other in camera resolution option, protect calibration by unexpected change.
  • A scale bar can be permanently added to each image. Scale bar properties for color, size and text are simple to optimize for any image background

Automatic Calibration Adjustment
  • By using the Adjust Resolution option in the calibration menu, all camera capture resolutions may be used regardless of the image resolution which was used for calibration. Even different cameras can be used on the basis of the same calibration. All calibration is adjusted automatically even with different camera models and captured image resolution.

Intuitive user interface makes image capture easy and straight forward
  • Image capture, live measurement, live focus enhancement, and overlay settings are on the same menu window. User can easily handle all functions on the same menu window.

Shading Correction
  • Images captured at low magnification often times exhibit shading irregularities, especially around the edges.  The Shading Correction tool eliminates this by creating a shading correction factor that is applied to the background of captured images. The color of the original image remains the same but the intensity across the entire image is balanced.

Single pixel control for increased measurement accuracy
  • Measurement accuracy has been enhanced with single pixel control. Selecting the edge of a feature is usually a difficult task when using a mouse. Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the user is able to move the cursor one pixel at a time. When used in conjunction with the Zoom In window function, it is easy to make even the most critical edge selection

Live image stitching
    • Combining captured images of adjacent fields to create one large, single image usually requires a motorized stage and controlling software. With Live Image Stitching, all that is needed is a manual X-Y stage.
    • Operation is easy: move the sample in the X or Y axis and the images are captured and combined automatically.

    • Watch your image grow as the stage is moved! Even with manual control, image quality is not compromised.

      • IMT software features versatile measurement tools for measuring lengths, areas, and angles and can auto detect an object’s outline and then make specified measurements.
      • The software is equipped with all the measurement functions you will ever need, including 3-point circle functionality, N-point circle measurement functionality, parallel line distance measurement, perpendicular distance measurement, object distance measurement, as well as auto object outline trace. In addition, a zoom-in window can be used to determine the accurate measuring point of an object. Once you’ve measured a specimen, you can easily export all of the images, measurement data and statistics to an Excel file.
      Microscope Focus Enhancement
      • Samples with curves or of varying heights are difficult to bring into focus under highly magnified conditions. IMT software combines several images captured at different levels of focus to provide one seamless image. This function leaves no trace of the composites and can even create perfectly focused images from Stereo Microscopes.

      • IMT software compensates for this by auto-correcting the images shift, resulting in a perfectly focused image every time.
      • In IMT software, there are four different focus enhancement methods as described below. They can be selected based on applications and specimen for the best performance:
      • Live Focus - There is no need to capture images for live focus enhancement. Clicking the Live focus enhancement button and then moving the focus knob of the microscope is all that is needed. The focus enhanced image is displayed live and in real time.

      Movie File Production
      • All versions feature a Time Lapse Capture function that supports CCD and digital cameras using TIF, BMP and JPG file formats. The Time Lapse Capture function also includes an Auto Save feature. You can save video movie recordings in AVI, MPG, MPEG, and MOV formats. When recording video, the elapsed time of the image is also captured so you can recheck the capture time when reproducing the video image.

      Unique Measurement Tools - Including Various Perpendicular Distance Measurements
      • A wide variety of unique measuring tool allows the measurement of straight and curved lines, diameters, radius, distances, area, perpendicular distance, and much more.
      • With any of the perpendicular distance measurement tools, the distance is always calculated perpendicularly making the measurement very accurate.

      Dynamic User Interface
      • The i-Solution series provides a user-centered environment. By discarding a developer-centered software user environment, it is designed it to allow users to edit the UI directly according to their own user environment. In addition, we made it simple for anybody to use an easily recognizable graphic environment under any surroundings with ease.

      Line and Box Profile
      • This feature displays a graph of the intensity value of each pixel for any line drawn across the image. The X axis gives the location of each pixel. The Y axis shows the intensity value of the red, green, blue, and grayscale channels. Measurement data and statistics for all lines are exported to MS Excel.

      3D Visualization
      • Three-dimensional pictures are created based on the brightness of normal images. This creates a better visualization of the surface through the realization of 3D images and rotating observation of 360 degrees on the XYZ axis.

      Removing the Reflected Light
      • A clear image in detail is created by removing the reflected light from a metal’s surface.