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Nodularity Quick-Scan TM

Automatic analysis system for cast iron nodularity

Microstructure of Cast Irons (by image analysis software)
Microstructure of Cast Irons According to ISO/TR 945-2:2011

  • iSolution DT provides shape, size, graphite types, nodularity and distribution of graphite inclusions in cast iron according to international standards such as ASTM A247_2010, ASTM A247-67 (1998), ISO/TR 945-2: 2011, ISO16112: 2006 , JIS G5502 (2001), KSD 4302 (2002).

  • Cast iron analysis considers several consequent image-frames processed to achieve improved statistical results. The results are
    accumulated in a special data collector document. An Excel file may be created to report the results.

  • The real nodularity analysis based on standard Nodularity is calculated by Graphite types. ISO/TR 945-2: 2011 describes procedures using image analysis software for graphite classification.

  • ISO16112: 2006 defines a method of compacted (vermicular) graphite cast iron nodularity evaluation.

  • In ISO 16112:2006, percent nodularity is calculated and weighted based on roundness-shape factor and graphite form. Reference images provided in Chart Navigator (see below) include Nodule Size Class, Flake Size Class, Graphite Form, and Distribution Examples.

Gray Iron Microstructure Analysis

CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron) Microstructure Analysis

Ductile Iron Microstructure Analysis

Ferrite Volume Measurement

  • Percentage of Ferrite area can be calculated excluding the graphite area automatically. As such, percentage of Ferrite, Pearlite, and
    Graphite areas can be acquired very easily. One single mouse click of the Ferrite volume measurement produces the results (below).

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