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IMT Scan cooled
Discover highest image quality

IMT Scan cooled (12.5MP) / IMT 7 / IMT 5 cooled / IMT 3 cooled

Superior image quality and highest sensitivity

The color IMT CCD Research cameras meet challenging requirements in scientific applications, not only in fluorescence microscopy.
The high sensitivity warrants brilliant images at high resolutions, especially when working with low-light specimens.

The active peltier cooling consists of a nitrogen flushed sensor capsule, a peltier element and a fan.
For exact image analysis of finest details and informative image documentation, the microscanning technology provided in the scanning.
IMT Scan cooled CCD Research cameras allow for capturing images of first-class quality with a resolution of up to 12.5 megapixel.

IMT application software

Various measurement parameters
Statistics, classification, chart
Volume ratio (% area)
Automatic / manual threshold
25 Manual measurement parameters
Advanced fluorescence applications
Supporting 142 Fluorescent dyes