IMT i-MeasuringTM
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Designed for Multi-Touch software control

Auto edge detection

Programmable light control

Supporting DFX file

Multilingual support

On-screen keyboard

Camera rotation correction
It calculates the rotation angle of the camera and automatically corrects the position.

Automatic file saving
Supports various crosshair types. Crosshair color changes automatically when reaching target position with contrast difference. That is, automatic boundary detection.

Calibration and calibration marker

It converts the pixel value of the digital image into the actual numerical value unit.

Focus indicator

Indicates the position of the focus in the form of indicator. Instead of seeing the focus position with the naked eye, the user can see the exact sample focus while viewing this indicator.

Measurement tools


Lines, Circles, Angle, Arc, Rectangles, Irregular diameter, Polygon, Center Point X, Center Point Y, Radius, Diameter, Start Point X, Start Point Y, End Point X, End Point Y, Min Distance, Max Distance, Center to Center distance, Perpendicular Distance

LIne_2  Circle_2  angle

Built in macro for various distances


Line to Line, Circle to Line, Circle to Circle, Circle to Rectangle, Rectangle to Line, Rectangle to Rectangle

Various distances are measured by macros that are created automatically when the program is installed. Users can automatically measure various distances with a simple measurement without any additional selection.

Set origins    Axis rotation


You can reset the home position to various angles in the Diagram that is automatically drawn at the time of measurement.

Quick tolerance:

Various tolerance measurements are possible.

True position

Auto detection


Auto point detection
Auto line detection
Auto circle detection
Auto arc detection
Auto slot detection
Auto rectangle detection

Construct intersection

Creates invisible intersections and lines between two lines. A bisector of two lines is created automatically. You can also display the midpoint of two lines.

Construct intersection point, Construct bisector line, Construct midpoint.