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IMT Quick-ScanTM is an intuitive motorized stage control system which automates many of the powerful applications tools available with DT-M software.

IMT Quick-Scan is the trade mark of IMT i-Solution Inc.

Key Features of IMT Quick-ScanTM

  • Extremely fast scanning: Scanning time while capturing image is quick and the result is precise.
  • Automatic image overlap compensation: Data is accumulated and adjusted live to compensate for image overlap.
  • Multiple scanning methods: Circular, rectangle, and square shape based on application needs.
  • Theta compensation for camera and stage mis-alignment: Images are automatically compensated for camera and / or stage mis - alignment.
  • Automatic shading correction: During scanning, shading correction is applied automatically.
  • Automatic focus adjustment: During scanning, Z focus is adjusted automatically as the stage moves into the X and Y direction.
  • Stage position memory: X / Y / Z stage positions are memorized for future recall.
  • One click position recall: A single mouse click on the mosaic image brings the stage to the exact location for further observation, allowing the user to switch to a higher magnification objective lens more detailed inspection and image capture.
  • Export to Excel template: Result can also be exported to customized Excel reports.
  • Seeing results quickly: The largest particles are highlighted for better observation.
  • Automatic detection Reflective(metal), Particles, and Fibers: Using reference image, Reflective(metal), Particles, and Fibers are defined and classified automatically.