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[2008-04-17] Program is updated
A built- in macro named
[2008-03-15] Program upgrade and refreshment
i-Solution program is upgraded and other program are refreshed. Motorized Z-focus unit driver is added. Focus enhancement can be done automatically by motor..
[2008-03-03] All IMT program are upgraded
All IMT program are upgraded. Please visit our "DOWNLOADS" for free upgrade. March 3rd, 2008 1. Password option is added in "Image Capture" window to prote..
[2008-02-15] User guide updated
User guides for all IMT program are updated. Please contact us to get the latest PDF user guides at free. Thanks again for using IMT software!
[2007-12-22] We moved!
We moved in new location, the campus of the University of British Columbia near ocean side with beautiful view. Fax number is also changed. All other things in..
[2007-11-16] All program are refreshed. New price from 2008 Jan..
Program is refreshed again dated on 16-Nov-2007 to add the below functions. 2007-11-16: 1. Hot key is the same for both File - Save and File
[2007-09-12] Program upgrade
i-Solution and iSolution Lite are upgraded. In "DOWNLOADS" the latest i-Solution and iSolution Lite are. Thanks again for using IMT software!
[2007-06-15] Ver7.3 iSolution Lite and Ver7.6 i-Solution are re..
Ver7.3 iSolution Lite and Ver7.6 i-Solution are released. 1. Calibration marker (scale bar) can be placed on the live preview image. The marker (scale bar) can..
[2007-06-07] New camera driver is added
Scion corporation digital cameras are added. CFW series all models are supported. Matrix vision digital camera is added. mvBlueFox digital camera is supporte..
[2007-05-08] Pixera digital cameras are added.
Pixera digital cameras are added. - Penguin series all models - Pro series all models
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