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[2008-11-26] Jenoptik ProgRes driver and iSolution DT are updat..
Jenoptik ProgRes driver and iSolution DT are updated. Jenoptik ProgRes camera driver is updated by the latest SDK which was released recently. C7 camera is add..
[2008-11-13] Canon EOS camera utility link support
All IMT software support Canon EOS camera utility link. Please download the latest version from the DOWNLOADS. Thanks again for using IMT software.
[2008-11-08] iSolution DT is updated
Image stitching by motorized control stage can be made with the function of Focus Enhancement (Extended focus, Multi-focus, whatever it said) together. The pic..
[2008-11-03] Software is updated.
Software is updated. Please visit DOWNLOADS. 1. Line thickness and font size in Measurement has two different options for Visibility and Apply to image. 2. Li..
[2008-10-09] Software updated
Software is updated. Please visit our DOWNLOADS to update your software. Thanks a lot for using IMT software.
[2008-07-31] All software are updated. Please visit our DOWNLOA..
July 31st, 2008 - Auto calibration adjustment by camera resolution is added. User does not need to make calibration for every camera resolution with that optio..
[2008-07-03] i-Solution and iSolution DT are upgraded
July 2nd, 2008 Data collector now supports point counting (manual tag) also. Let's say counting 10 or 20 different object types and mark hundreds of each on ..
[2008-06-07] All software are refreshed
In case there are more than two saved calibration files, the previous calibration is removed when next calibration file is opened. A question, "Would you like t..
[2008-05-16] We have opening job positions in computer programm..
We have opening job positions in computer programming, technical and sales support. Please contact Michael Cha by mikeimt@unitel.co.kr for the detail.
[2008-05-15] Upgrade for i-Solution and iSolution DT
Particle analysis module is added as a built-in macro in both i-Solution and iSolution DT. You can edit the script and data collector file for your own standar..
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