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2014-09-19 Update and new products

We have new and updated products information as in the below.

  1. For Win8.1 all programs are updated again recently. The final version name is Ver.21.1. Please use the recent version if you have 64 bit USB dongle and Win8.1. Please contact us for the recent 64 bit programs.
  2. We made new programs for Micro Vickers Hardness Testing Machines. We have a patent in measuring irregular diamond shapes. Three different versions are based on features: MHT-101 as a standard version having manual measurement, MHT-Auto as an advanced version having auto reading and manipulating machine, DT-MHT as a combined version having all MHT-Auto features and metallurgical analysis. All three versions have image processing and manual measurement features as basic features which can be used for microscope applications as well. Interface can be chosen based on applications.
  3. We made another new program named i-Measuring for measuring microscopes such as Nikon, Mitutoyo, Olympus, and others. The program also can control motorized control stages such as Marzhauser, Ludl, Prior, and ASI. X/Y/Z positions are displayed in real time. Oversize objects out of view field can be measured with exact X/Y/Z positions. We have a very unique feature as well. Software controls motorized stages such as Marzhauser, Ludl, Prior, and ASI while displaying exact X/Y/Z positions in real time, which allows precise measurement while giving whole stitched image. Finally we can be sure if the whole stitched image is very correct or not.
  4. We made several camera and drivers for various applications: for fluorescence, for excellent captured images, for nice captured images with reasonable cost. All cameras come with software depending on applications.

We really appreciate for using IMT i-Solution Inc. products.
Please contact me for any further questions.

Michael Cha
IMT i-Solution Inc.

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